Reading a dictionary can be quite refreshing. Until you get to look up the meaning of the words man and woman, male and female.Well, one thing is for sure, gender definition is not monolithic because the parts used to describe gender are multiple.

Chain definitions can help solve the language puzzle that so much pervades gender and sexuality. For example a man is defined as an adult male. So the next thing to define is an adult who is defined as mature. Then we define male which is defined as than which can beget offspring by fertilization or insemination.

The beauty of the last definition is the word “CAN”. Using our chain definition theory, we define can as potential capability. The word must is not employed because that would mean mandatory capability which does not exist in human nature.

The ugliness of the last definition is that insemination is used as the key definition of being male.

Same bilateral sides of a coin apply to the definition of a woman and female. Female denotes egg production or bearing offspring. Woman is defined as an adult female.

The use of insemination and egg production stems from the functions or products of the sexual organs found in males and females.

Yet, thanks to Science, products of sexual organs alone cannot define sexuality or gender. In fact, there are males who possess more female hormones than male hormones and females who possess more male hormones than female hormoned thanks to genetic make up.

So Gender definition should not be narrowed to fertilization as it is done in many circles. In fact, LGBT circles have tried to widen the definition with the terms, top or bottom, definitions that are as asexual as they are sexual, since masculine or feminine can be top or be bottom.

Thus the best gender definition is that that employs hormonal, fertilization, physiological, psychological and sexual aspects of a being. This shows that all humans are holistically bisexual but that some humans tend to live their lives expressing one sexual expression while others express two of the bisexual expressions as per their physiological and psychological make up and reactions to situations.

With that you can have a masculine woman being called a man or feminine man being called a woman showing one that sexuality and gender are diverse definitions which cannot be subjected to monolithic dictates.



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