Being LGBT is part of nature and humanity .But due to misinformation , education and propaganda , being LGBT is seen as a crime as evil or a disease .If you are living out loud as an LGBT person everyday you are alive is refreshing , though for some they have even opted for suicide because the hostility is too much to bear.

Despite the hostilities , the attacks and discrimination it is possible to survive and thrive as an LGBT person.The best method is optimism and confidence in your self .

One has to look at the positive in the midst of the negative . One should choose to love instead of hate .Because ,whichever way, you cannot be loved by everyone no matter what you do and being an LGBT person is a big ticket for being hated by many .Yet that does not mean you should hate yourself nor let the hatred of the rest drown you to misery.It means , you have to live your life the best way you know how.

Life is a strand of time and this is why things like LGBT inclusion and understanding will not take hours to develop as many people are at different levels of understanding LGBT people. But the misunderstanding and ignorance of many does not stop your from being LGBT even if you are hiding or living out loud.

Now, every part of the world has its different LGBT tolerance  levels because of the different circumstances a location has .This means the hostilities will also differ . For example , USA has many guns so it is highly probable for an LGBT person to be shot at by a homophobe because  the number of guns are many .Other places may not have many guns  but many religious institutions that spew hatred enough to make an LGBT person experience psychological torture . But the common thread is hostility is meted out to LGBT persons that are out.

Hostility comes in different shades but it is still hostility and so is survival and so is living . Let us learn how to live in a world that is hostile to LGBT persons , whether it means bearing marks and wounds of attack or victoriously living underground or in the open .All survival experiences are experiences and stories of survival in a world that does not understand LGBT persons.



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