Sex is natural. .therefore homosexuality is natural because it is sex between people of the same sex. Anal sex is practiced by heteros and homos. Besides it is a natural socket like the vagina and mouth because it has a cavity aka orifice. Sex acts involve penetration of orifices, which includes anus. As for STDs and HIV both heteros and homos are exposed to them since sexual activity involves alot of exchange of bacterial and viral carrying fluids. Mental health issues amongst Gay people are just similar to those of Straight people only that they spring from homophobia which includes violence and persecution. So it is not strange for gay people not to be understood by thoze who are ignorant of us. That being said a doctor who has a problem understanding homozexuality and its natural existence needs to study physiology, neurology, genetics AGAIN. .. A lot of new findings that answer the reality of homosexuality which is one part of the natural diverse human sexuality spectrum… Gays are humans like straight people thats why they contract diseases which were once considered straight.   

Comment from Rex Arthur in response to a Youtube video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h_OEeWI7a9Q


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