Finally , countries are gradually  accepting and recognizing Gay Families . Of course gay families are not a new phenomenon especially in the Third world where many children are double orphaned and two older siblings have to fend for the younger siblings.Sometimes it is a couple of a brother and a brother , a sister and a sister or a brother and a sister .

The first two sibling parenthood are homogeneous or same sex while the last parenthood is heterosexual.However , by using the terms heterosexual and same sex , no one is suggesting sexual intercourse though that cannot be ruled out,since humans are sexual beings and can express heterosexuality or homosexuality at ease , depending on their body make up.

But my emphasis is not on Sibling parenthood , but Marital parenthood and in this case Same Sex couples who choose to form a family together .Today , we have IVF and Stem Cell Reproduction that have made biological reproduction for gay couples a reality .These two additions are complimenting adoption which has been around for thousands of years .

The  Gay Family is a beautiful family that secures Gay Genealogy forever .For now same sex couples will be able to pass their genes and possessions and names to their children ,who some will turn out gay and others will not , diversifying the family tree.

Society is still bemused at the Gay family because of its novelty .It is understandable . One could wonder how can a family have two dads or two mums or transgender parents or bisexual parents .In fact it is homosexual  couples that are actually accepeted ; bisexual and transgender ones are  still in a issue .Just ask Caitlyn Jenner LOL.

But because of the ancient Sibling parenthood that was either homosexual or heterosexual , we can happily say the modern Gay or LGBT family is part of the group of families that have existed and still exist ; Monogamous straight family ,Polygamous Straight family, Single Parent family , Relative Parent family and Foster Parent family.

The Gay or LGBT family as a Modern Basic unit of society will come with very many lesons as well as confirm many things about the family .

What society should do is give this new family time to develop and go through the phases of family life so that we can study it , analyze it and give ideas to improve it and other family set ups.

I am waiting to see grandchildren emanating from the new Gay families that have been given the get go in France, UK , Argentina, USA , now that we have seen Gay Marriage blossom in some parts of the world.Family history and family treeshave never been so  colorful



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