Genealogy is Chronology . That means that Life is made up of a strand of DNA or events that happen to an individual and a society .We have different types of genealogies , not just phyiscal as envisaged in reproductive lineages of living organisms but mentally as envisaged in academics .

For anything that can be classified has a family .

Ideas ,Music, Sports, Countries are classified or given families by humankind .In essence that makes humans creators ,enshrining the key principle of thought that our brain creates thought and through thoughts we create ideas that either remain in conception stage or are birthed out through inventions.

Once the ideas are birthed out , when they are accepted, they acquire a family . And a family is just an entity of two or more entities .

So for example , we have Marxists who follow or are part of Karl Marx family , not biological family, but ideological family . The ideas of Marxism were accepted and passedĀ  down over the years to create a family a lineage called Marxism.

Same goes for music.Jazz music is a genre , a class and those who play jazz belong to the family of jazz.

And there are humans who belong to many families of ideas ,families or arts, families of music other than biological families .

Passing down of genes hence ideas is a time taking event;it can be captured in the capsule of time .And this is what makes genealogy ,chronology .History is a genealogy of events ,of which most events , tend to repeat themselves , only having different characters in different time settings.

Time is encoded in DNA but DNA is encoded in Time . And every idea and thought is genetic material waiting to be shared for survival or concealed to extinction.

Rex Arthur


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