They say unity is power .But so is uniqueness . Every single human is unique both genetically or physiologically and psychologically . Yet many humans are blocked from understanding and appreciating the concept of uniqueness to their own detriment.

It is important to understand uniqueness because it helps in self appreciation and self esteem . When you understand yourself , your strengths and weaknesses , you understand your make up and focus on improving yourself within your genetic make up.

Of course we attend classes, meetings and gatherings that challenge our uniqueness especially when we are in a collective unit that demands us to behave in one way .

For example you may be at a school where everyone is expected to wear black shoes .In such a situation being different is called disobedience and a mark of failure.Thankfully school life is not eternal.

Yet as LGBT persons we find ourselves in situations where we are made to hate our own uniqueness simply because it is an affront to what has been called the standard form of expression .

This should not be the case . As a society ,as a people we should affirm the fact that when it comes to life we have different perspectives and ways because we are innately different .

Once we affirm individual uniqueness we can affirm collective diversity that arises from the different attributes every person in one collective setup possesses.

So be yourself , be you because no one else is you . Express yourself because no one else can do it for you.



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